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We're Inclusive

What does "diversity, equity, and inclusion" mean to you? If we asked this question to several people at Purina, we'd get a different answer from each person. We choose to celebrate that.

Our core focus as an organization is how we can translate the "24 dimensions of diversity" into significant impact we have on our workforce, culture, community and marketplace. By sharing the celebration of our differences, we make a bigger difference in this world. Working together, #WeStandTaller.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

24 Dimensions of Diversity

Our Vision

To elevate Nestlé Purina as a top destination for diverse talent. We will continue to foster an environment that empowers its associates to bring their best to work.

No one of us is as good as all of us.

Our DE&I Areas of Focus


To promote the recruitment, development, and retention of diverse talent throughout the organization.


To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.


To build a bigger footprint and cultivate relationships in the communities in which we live and work.


To leverage diversity to enhance our ability to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our customers and consumers in the marketplace.

Our Strategic Alliances

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

Advisory Council made up of 16 associates from a mix of different business units and a variety of diverse backgrounds.

Business Diversity Group

Graduates of the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative (SLBDI) who work together to address the interests and challenges of minority professionals as they develop in their careers.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ambassadors

Allies across various business units at Nestlé Purina who are passionately supporting each of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Community Partners

Strategic alliances with external community partners across an array of different dimensions of diversity.

Purina Ability Advocates

Translating passion into action to help create richer lives for pets and people affected by disabilities. Purina Ability advocates serves as a resource for associates and programs related to this cause.

Associate Testimonials Meet Julie

24 Dimensions of Diversity

The Nestlé Purina Tree of Inclusion is much more than what we see above the surface. We are all a complex mixture of roots and blossoms that represent life experiences and worldviews. It’s in the roots, branches, and leaves where we find commonalities and differences worth exploring. Our talents, skills, and experiences give visible life to the whole tree. Just look up and see all of us.

Each of us plays a part in helping the company meet and exceed our expectations for becoming the most welcoming environment for our associates, contractors, customers, consumers, and guests. So, together we celebrate what we’ve done and challenge ourselves for what’s next.

Welcome to the Continuum.

Read More About Our Dimensions of Diversity (PDF)

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Working in Compliance (HR) is about finding the right, best people to join Nestlé Purina. In my years of service, I've relished the fact that we have been able to find amazing talent from every demographic group. This starts with making that pursuit a priority.


Manager, EOE & Compliance


Being part of Purina and the DE&I Council makes me think about rowing the boat in the same direction. None of us can predict the strength of the currents that inevitably arise when different people share differing perspectives. But, as long as we're all rowing in the same direction, we will get there together.


Director, Supply Chain


We all play a role in “making the mix work” here. Always remember that it takes all of us being passionate, innovative and welcoming to make the best products on the market.


Associate Laboratory Scientist, R&D


Diversity is just part of the equation. Inclusion is equally as important. Our initiatives strive to harness the power of both. Add with a little fun and family, you get what makes Nestlé Purina really special.


Vice President, Site Services


I used to wonder why so many people across the St. Louis campus seemed so...something? After a few months it hit me. They know they are not alone in growing anything, including themselves. That made me smile too.


Site Services


Diversity makes this campus more beautiful, from the variety of plant species that we grow to the people that make this place special.


Site Services


As I walk the corridors of campus, I am reminded that some people may see the world differently than I do. It reminds me that rainbows have more than one color. That's what makes it a rainbow. That's what makes us who we are.


Lead Mail Clerk, Distribution Services


Often I take note of the variety of associates that call Nestlé Purina home…different nationalities, genders, orientations, worldviews. Then I leave the office with my dog in tow. Both of us wagging our proverbial tails.


Global Leader, Veterinary Brands


The work done by the Purina Business Diversity Resource Group is significant. The group's efforts showcase the diverse internal talent here and foster a welcoming environment for all prospective employees.


Brand Manager, eCommerce

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