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We Stand Taller

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Expertise
  • Performance
  • Innovation & Agility


#WeStandTaller with Integrity

Standing Tall with Integrity is how we define doing the right things right every time – even when no one's looking. We're proud and privileged to remain a leader in what we do, but never lose sight of our humble beginnings. With integrity leading the way, we embrace change and we work to maintain the trust we have earned over our history.

Purina Associates helping out at Pet Care Pride Day.
PetCare Pride Day

Each year, Nestlé Purina celebrates PetCare Pride Day – a day devoted to community service at our St. Louis Headquarters and also at many of our factory facilities across the country. This is an opportunity for associates to step away from their desks and off...

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Nestlé Purina's Partners & Commitment to Pet Welfare

Guided by our unconditional passion for pets and the people who love them, we're committed to using our size and scale to do more than just donate. Every day, we partner with pet welfare experts, work shoulder-to-shoulder with shelters, and inspire involvement in the world of pet welfare.

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We want to make sure that when a domestic violence victim leaves a bad situation, they don’t have to leave a family member behind.

Chief Veterinary Officer

Solar panels for sustainable energy at Purina headquarters in St. Louis.

Sustainability is not an option — it's an imperative. From ingredient sourcing to transportation, #WeStandTaller

Woman feeding her cat.
What Does it Mean to Create Shared Value?

As a leading consumer-facing brand and a global innovator in the consumer packaged goods industry, our success is based on creating value that we can share with everyone that we touch – pets, people, businesses and communities across the globe.

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#WeStandTaller with Passion

Smiling Tall with Passion is one way we Stand Taller. And it's not where we stand that matters, it's what we stand for. We're guided by the belief that pets and people are better together, and we're among the lucky few who get to live out our passion in the work we do – every day. But it's about more than pets. It's about using our extent and influence to make a memorable impact through our people, our processes and our philanthropy.

Cat lying on a desk in the office at Purina.

There's no denying that pets in the workplace, which we call "pets@work", is a growing trend in today's workforce. But, it hasn't caught on everywhere yet. When you're dropping subtle hints to your boss, for the dozen-th time, to let you bring in your...

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PetCare Pride Day

Our relentless commitment to pet welfare is driven by a deep sense of passion. Together, we creatively envision what we can do to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them.

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Having pride in your work and in the company, and being passionate about pets.

Financial Services

Solar panels for sustainable energy at Purina headquarters in St. Louis.

What a stellar group! Time to officially welcome you to our @Purina Family. Working together, #WeStandTaller

Purina diversity and inclusion associates.
Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

As part of our unconditional commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, we have partnered with various organizations to enrich our involvement. With a focus on recruitment, partnership and sponsorship, our collaboration with these diverse organizations has enhanced our commitment to...

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#WeStandTaller with Expertise

Thinking Tall with Expertise is how we innovate and renovate in ways that push pet nutrition forward and allow us to Stand Taller. We invest in our people just as much as we invest in their ideas, because we know diverse experiences broaden expertise. Our continuous excellence mindset tells us that our work to improve and expand our knowledge is never done. So, we dare to make every day better.

Purina associate checking food in factory
Ingredients & Pet Nutrition

We understand pet nutrition, and we work hard to make sure the ingredients in our pet foods meet our high quality and safety standards.

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Learning & Development at Nestlé Purina

Learning and development as an associate at Nestlé Purina begins on your very first day on the job through our on-boarding process. Beyond your first few weeks of in-depth, comprehensive training within your respective functional area, our Organization Development team provides a variety of robust...

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We understand that what you feed your pet is just as important as what you put on your own table. And, that's what drives us to make high quality dog food made with quality ingredients.

Production Supervisor

Starkloff disability institute logo

We partner up w/ @SDI_Disability to offer career & interview guidance. Learn more about how #WeStandTaller:

Two purina workers checking food in a bag at a factory
We Believe in Cross-Training to Build Better Leaders

Oftentimes, the key to a company's stellar performance can be hidden within the organization's current talent pool. By investing in the resources to cross-train your current workforce, you're immersing your employees in opportunities that will offer them...

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#WeStandTaller with Performance

We strive to remain number one with customers and consumers, attacking obstacles until we prevail, outperforming our competitors and daring to make every day better. We Live Tall with Performance. Our competitiveness is focused on external forces; internally, we work together and continuously ask "What's Next?" so we can do what's never been done before in pet care.

Pro Plan dog at the Westminster dog show.
Dog Shows Give a Glimpse of Dog Breeds at Their Best

We sponsor some of the top dog shows in the country because we want to celebrate the potential inherent in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. Dog shows give everyone the chance to see dogs at their very best, and we love putting them in the spotlight.

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Purina employee and military veteran rubbing noses with his dog.
A Veteran's Story: Who Wants to Rest at Pike's Peak with Mount Everest Still to Climb?

I lucked out. Nestlé Purina (Ralston Purina at the time) was my first job out of college over 20 years ago. I was a Financial Analyst with Protein Technologies International (PTI) for almost five years after that.

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Giving 150 percent in everything you do, never saying never; do it the Nestlé Purina way.

Site Services

Solar panels for sustainable energy at Purina headquarters in St. Louis.

Joining our manufacturing team opens up a world of opportunity. More about the people that make the product possible:

Purina talent sourcing team pic holding a best in show trophy
Nestlé Purina – Best in Show

Each year, our Executive Leadership Team puts their suits and briefcases aside to dress up in costume to the tune of a playful script - a script that comically and engagingly announces the nominees across various categories within the company for exceptional contributions to the business within the previous year.

Innovation & Agility

#WeStandTaller with Innovation & Agility

Creating Tall with Innovation & Agility is our way of advancing the science of pet nutrition, health and wellness – and we do it better than anybody else. We think originally, act strategically and break down barriers to progress to make products we can stand behind. Products we can put our name on. Products that make good lives better.

Man and woman holding cats at the Better with Pets summit.
Better With Pets Summit

Purina's Better With Pets Summit brings together the brightest minds in pet science and culture to share how big, innovative ideas are improving the emotional wellness of pets and the people who love them.

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9 Square Ventures – Our Investment in Emerging Pet Care Innovations

It used to be "The Four Talls" that served as the very core to our values system. When we added a fifth tall (Create Tall With Innovation) – we were serious about stepping up our innovative game. Since this addition, we activated a 450-kilowatt solar array in our Atlanta factory, built a 56,000-square-foot LEED...

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It means being daring and taking on challenges no matter the outcome.

Customer Care Analytics

Solar panels for sustainable energy at Purina headquarters in St. Louis.

We're helping bring robots to the classroom – read how #WeStandTaller with Innovation:

Woman feeding her cat.
Nestlé Purina and the Digital World

21st century communication has created a dire need to be constantly connected to the outside world. The ability to create and consume content instantly and consistently has transformed the environments in which we live and work in. To adapt to this radical change in technology and communication, businesses, large and small...

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