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Careers in our Product Technology Center

Innovating new products and processes

Take advantage of the tremendous learning and development opportunities that provide the company a competitive advantage as the 'voice of the pet'.

The Product Technology Center (PTC) plays a central role in the development of new products and processes crucial to advancing the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. This collaborative network, made up of a Nutrition Research team, Product Development teams, Engineering team, and Packaging team, allows for the global exchange of ideas concerning dogs and cats.

As a part of the Nutritional Research team, you may manage portfolios and technical communications to veterinarians and research publications. Our laboratory associates take part in biological assays and analyze data while project leaders ideate, develop, and conduct nutrition research programs.

The Product Development teams execute trials, experiments, and tests to deliver new technical solutions leading to new products.

As an Engineer, your responsibilities for innovation will help improve business operations, build technical knowledge, and support new products and technologies, including factory lines and equipment installations.

Lastly, the Packaging team brings new packaging science and technology to Purina, designing packages that protect our products and ensure positive consumer experiences and developing packaging equipment for use in our factories.

Common Positions

Scientists (Nutrition, Research)

As a Scientist, you'll plan, organize, and conduct projects to build fundamental knowledge or conduct research in pet nutrition. These associates support key benefit areas to formulate research hypotheses, design experimental plans and execute scientific experiments.

Product Development Scientists

As a Product Development Scientist, you'll plan, organize and perform trials and experiments to deliver innovative new products to the market.

Engineers (Process, Mechanical)

An an Enginner, you'll plan, organize and manage many projects and trials (bench-top, pilot plant and factory scale) to create innovative, differentiating technology to develop and deliver high quality pet food products.

Packaging (Scientists, Engineers, Designers)

While working within Packaging, you'll perform a broad range of research, design, and/or development activities focused on delivering highly innovative packaging solutions to the business.

What We're Looking For

Within Nutrition Research, scientific positions need a Masters or PhD in genetics/genomics, nutrition, immunology, statistics or biochemistry, while mathematical positions require a Masters or PhD in statistics, bioinformatics, or chemometrics.

Within Product Development, most individuals possess a Masters or PhD in food science, meat science, animal science, nutrition, processes engineering, chemical engineering, or food engineering.

Within Engineering, a degree in technical engineering is required.

Within Packaging, experience in manufacturing is a valuable asset that provides a perspective of the industrial challenges of using packaging and equipment developed by this team.

Overall, individuals must be a team leader, highly collaborative, passionate, curious, and communicate effectively.

Growth and Development

Nestlé Purina empowers its associates to establish unique and individualized career paths based on qualifications and the company's needs, whether that be within Purina, or the broader Nestlé organization. Readily available resources and training opportunities create an atmosphere of constant growth and development where associates are challenged to broaden their skillsets and expertise, limiting the available opportunities only to each person's willingness to work and learn. We encourage you to explore the numerous professional opportunities available to further understand how you can develop a career with Nestlé Purina that you'll truly love.

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