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Careers in our Technical Applications Group

Providing company-wide technical support

While most companies separate the corporate functions of Product Development, Product Management, Engineering, Technical Packaging Development, and Regulatory & Material Data Management, Nestlé Purina houses each of these functions within the Technical Applications Group (TAG). With all of these functions underneath one group, it enhances our ability to work cross-functionally, efficiently, and effectively to bring new and renovated products you help develop and industrialize to market.

The role of the St. Louis-based Technical Applications Group (TAG) is to provide technical product and process support, mainly for the North American market. TAG generally handles the development or optimization projects involving known technology, such as:

  • Development and implementation of product line extensions produced using existing equipment and technology
  • Short-term development projects involving technology
  • Renovation projects
  • Cost-optimization & quality improvement projects
  • Troubleshooting in production facilities
  • Qualification of new manufacturing lines or locations
  • Maintenance of regulatory requirements and information

Common Positions

Product Development Specialist

As a Product Development Specialist, you are involved in the development of our products to ensure that the ingredients meet all necessary nutritional requirements. You understand and use the fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of the product development process to produce a best in class product.

Process Specialist

As a Process Specialist, you will support our manufacturing department by focusing on equipment and product design technology, such as device and system selection, evaluation and/or recommendations. You work specifically with our equipment to ensure that our products are interacting with the equipment correctly and efficiently.


In this role, you are the nutritional authority in the development of new and existing pet food products and provide support to our factories. You will coordinate product formulation and reformulation with responsibility for nutritional adequacy.

Packaging specialists

As a Packaging specialist, you will work with key departments to determine and set short and mid-term goals for packaging improvements and cost reduction. You will assist in the selection, development and implementation of any new and/or promotional packaging.

Regulatory Specialist

As a Regulatory Specialist, you work cross-functionally to provide fundamental regulatory knowledge to help support State and Federal compliance within our facilities. You will manage, monitor and process the product registration, licensing and tonnage information in full compliance to reporting dealings required for specific states.

Who We're Looking For

TAG is made up of individuals with various backgrounds and skill sets because of the several different functions that it houses. A degree or work experience that relates to a specific functional area such as food science, nutrition, animal science, engineering, packaging, or project management expertise is required.

Growth and Development

Nestlé Purina empowers its associates to establish unique and individualized career paths based on qualifications and the company's needs, whether that be within Purina, or the broader Nestlé organization. Readily available resources and training opportunities create an atmosphere of constant growth and development where associates are challenged to broaden their skillsets and expertise, limiting the available opportunities only to each person's willingness to work and learn. We encourage you to explore the numerous professional opportunities available to further understand how you can develop a career with Nestlé Purina that you'll truly love.

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