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You're probably also looking at healthcare, pharmaceutical, human food and technology companies before even considering pet care, yes? Here's what you may not know: we're working on innovative foods and formulas that rival those same industries – foods and formulas that can extend the lives and cognitive function in maturing dogs and cats. We're developing ways to improve the vision of cats and minimize pet allergies. We were the first ever to extrude dry dog food and we're backed by a lengthy list of patents – a portfolio of industry firsts.

Over 500 scientists make everything we think about come to life. We're nutritionists, chemists, immunologists, microbiologists and the alike. But what we do stretches far beyond our titles. It's a dare we accepted from the very beginning – the dare to Stand Taller.

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"Nestlé Purina has so many opportunities and resources that we can tap into; quality, safety, and product development. All of these things are as important to pet food as they are to human food."

Product Specialist

"Before accepting my current role as an Assistant Production Manager at our Davenport, IA factory, I was a Process Engineer for our R&D group and worked on a lot of exciting projects. What separates R&D here from R&D teams at other companies is our culture. You have to be part of our Purina Family to understand it."

Assistant Manager, Production


Nestlé Purina Analytical Labs

We're a long-standing ISO chemical and biological accredited lab, assisting with everything from nutrient labeling to product concept development and finished product testing.

Product Technology Center

Also known as our Research & Development organization, we're a collaborative network of over 500 scientists that allow for global exchange and collaboration around dogs and cats.

Technical Applications Group

Not software or app development. Think product development (pet food/treats/litter), process management (how our products are made), regulatory (always playing by the rules), and product packaging (how our brands are recognized).

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