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It's more than a quality product in a quality package. It's more than driving sales and revenue. It's about educating consumers on how to enhance the relationship with their pets. Or how they can feed their pet to minimize allergies. It's about making pet food, snacks and litter a shopping experience. And contributing to the world in such a way that we can impact the chances of every dog or cat living a healthier life.

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Brand Marketing

Our work is innately strategic, analytical and creative in order to win in the multi-billion-dollar pet care industry we compete in.

Consumer Communications & Insights

In a predominantly digital era, we make the pet world a better place online — for our retailers, customers, breeder enthusiasts, and pet owners.


We're among the fastest growing areas of Purina. We are "intrapreneurs" with a mission to design and build capabilities to accelerate commerce in the digital age.

Emerging Growth Group

We're design strategists. We enable and accelerate innovation at scale across to affect the culture and build empathy for consumers through integrative design methods.

Marketing Development Organization

There's a science behind the retail business. We bridge the gap between our Sales and Marketing groups to elevate the larger pet care category and enhance the retail shopping experience for pet owners.

Market Research

We research the research. We're thorough. It's about championing data and insights to deeply understand our consumers and everything they need.

The Feed

We're social media savvies — the voices behind our pet care brands online. Real time. Real people. Real conversations. And a lot of cute puppies and kitties.

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