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We're Reducing our Carbon 'Paw Print'

Purina is committed to making our high-quality pet care products in a sustainable way to ensure people and pets can share a healthy world. From the soil where our ingredients grow, to the manufacturing facilities where our pet food is made, our goal is to use the planet’s natural resources efficiently throughout the production process of our pet’s food and litter.

Purina’s ambition is to strive for zero environmental impact in our operations by 2030, and that cannot happen without taking bold steps forward. That’s why we’ve set ambitious goals for the future:

  • 100% reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025
  • Aggressive climate action, which includes using 100% renewable electricity across all facilities in the shortest practical timeframe
  • Source our ingredients responsibly
  • Care for water by promoting water stewardship across all our facilities
100% Recyclable or Reusable Packaging

Packaging is essential for our products, from protecting the safety and quality of our pet food, treats, and litter to preventing food waste, maintaining shelf life, and providing information for pet owners. We are also on a mission to make it more sustainable. Our mantra is to design for recycling while continuing to protect our high-quality pet care products for the millions of pets that enjoy them.

This means we are working to eliminate unnecessary packaging while phasing out materials that are not recyclable or are hard to recycle while minimizing supply chain packaging like shrink film or stretch wrap. Today, 80% of Purina’s packaging by weight in the United States is recyclable. For example, all Purina canned foods are recyclable, and many of our litter products are packaged in recyclable materials. Tidy Cats Naturally Strong 100% natural cat litter is packaged in jugs made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the package itself is recyclable.

We’re continuing to perform trials to explore the use of new innovative materials for the remainder of our product portfolio, and we’re collaborating with other companies in the consumer goods, packaging, and recycling industries to explore improvements in recycling infrastructure and technology.

Aggressive Climate Action

Purina’s climate actions focus on conserving natural resources and improving ecosystems to help create natural solutions. Our work includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable energy sources to power our facilities, maintaining 100% zero waste for disposal at every Purina manufacturing facility and Headquarters as well as working with America’s farmers to help implement innovative approaches to improve the health of the ecosystem and enhance sustainable farming.

These are just a few of the ways we’re helping protect our environment for people and pets. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.


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