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We're Reducing our Carbon 'Paw Print'

2012 was a big year for Purina in the world of sustainability. A talented team of contractors and architects brought our dreams to life by helping us design a LEED Gold-certified Purina building that we call The Danforth Center. This space, occupying 56,000 square feet at the southeast corner of downtown St. Louis, houses two floors of office space, our Retail Innovation Center, and a Training & Development Center on the top floor.

With the success of the 84,000 square-foot LEED Silver-certified Event Center at Purina Farms, built in 2010, these two buildings and all other buildings on the St. Louis Headquarters' campus have been linked through an Integrated Energy Control System allowing us to measure real-time energy use. Read more about our LEED-certified Danforth Building in an article by Green Building and Design Magazine.


What Other Sustainable Efforts are We Implementing?

Our factories across the U.S. operate daily using earth-friendly manufacturing and distribution processes, such as reduced water and energy usage, use of renewable energy and lighter packaging materials. As well, we are active participants in the EPA's SmartWay transportation program – a program that helps businesses to move goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

In New York...

Our manufacturing facility in Dunkirk, NY has set the standard with a "War on Waste" campaign launched back in 2010. Since this large leap toward sustainability, they have decreased raw material waste by 27 percent just in 2013. This factory, as well as the others, have systematically implemented improvement projects to reduce waste and increase productivity.

In Atlanta...

Our Atlanta factory embarked upon a large solar project in 2013 that activated a 450-kilowatt solar array – our largest solar project yet. This array is one of the largest in all of Georgia.

In California...

Our litter factory in Maricopa, CA currently uses sunshine for drying clay during our mining operations, which greatly reduces the energy needs of our industrial dryers. This factory features one of North America's most energy-efficient industrial cogeneration systems, in which one megawatt cogeneration unit powers nearly 82 percent of the factory's electrical usage.

In St. Louis...

Our Headquarters has a dedicated team of cross-functional sustainability experts, which continues to explore and implement processes that make environmental improvements, including:

  • A campus-wide lighting project that has reduced energy consumption by 50 percent
  • Installation of water-efficient toilets that reduce gallons per flush by 65 percent
  • The addition of rain-sensing technology to our irrigation systems
  • Use of green cleaning products and techniques
  • The introduction of single-stream waste recycling, which resulted in approximately 140 tons of material recycled in 2012
  • Continuous management and improvements to the Campus Energy Management Plan
  • The Purchase of an electric vehicle for Headquarters' Security Operations

In addition, a 200-member team of employee volunteers, called Green Paws, actively works to improve the sustainability of the headquarters' campus by suggesting improvements, raising awareness among associates about the impact of their own behavior, and participating in community events, like recyclable pick-up at St. Louis Cardinals' baseball games and restoring urban gardens.

As an organization that stands tall behind its commitments and passions, we, at Purina, will continue to make strides in sustainability that reduce our carbon ‘paw print' and our world's carbon footprint.

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