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Understanding The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

The vast majority of the products you find while perusing a retail store aisle are consumer packaged goods – better known as the foundation to the modern consumer economy and one of the largest generators of gross domestic product.

Purina packaged products including dog and cat food.

As a consumer packaged goods producer, the competition is fierce for retail shelf space, as well as shelf space in consumers' homes. The industry has become increasingly marketing driven to facilitate the bond between people and the brands they hope to love. And in recent years, innovation has become a critical element in all areas of the industry in order to yield high consumer satisfaction results and to accrue brand-loyal customers.

Inevitably, the key to success in the industry is the ability to be agile against the competition and flexible to adjust to the latest and greatest consumer trends. Consumers' wants and needs are wildly changing, as is the market in which we operate daily. As a result, many large CPG organizations, like Nestlé, have designated teams responsible for generating market research, insights and consumer behavior analyses. Ultimately, it's the big data and research that drives our products up in class. But, it's the people behind our brands that bring expertise, diversity of thought and innovative ideas, which fuel our everyday processes.

Being part of a consumer packaged goods company means being part of a very large family – a conglomerate of sister companies and diverse subsidiaries that sell everyday brands to everyday people. The Nestlé family – made up over 300,000 people across 150 countries – produces 10,000+ different products, which sell over a billion units each day. We make a product for every moment of every day, from morning to night, from birth to old age. That's billions of dollars in annual revenue, thousands of people gainfully employed and various other industries that are positively impacted.

Within a large CPG family like Nestlé, there are jobs and functions for every type of person and background. It takes a village of experts from engineers, to nutritionists, to designers and mechanics to transform our products from concept to completion.

At Nestlé Purina, we encourage everyone to grow in every sense of the word. And we invest in our people from the very beginning. Have you considered a career in the CPG industry?

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