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The Future of the Workforce


Gen-Y (those born between 1982 and 1997) make up much of the current workforce, and in just four years, they will account for nearly half of the employees in the world. As these millennial leaders climb the professional ladder, their perspectives will largely shape the future workplace. Lindsey Pollak, Gen-Y career expert and spokeswoman for The Hartford, explains in her recent U.S. News article, that the dynamic of the future workforce will significantly change. Gen-Y professionals are coming into positions, regardless of industry, expecting more flexible hours and less traditional career paths. They're coming in with newly-pioneered technologies and strategies that are revolutionizing the business practices that have been in place for decades.

Today, we operate in a workforce saturated with multiple generations that have vastly different experience levels, academic backgrounds and business mindsets. And although we may think in very different ways from one another, we share the same top work motivators of desire for continuous employment and opportunities for career development.

The Future of the Workforce

It may seem automatic to point out the challenges of the generational divide, but it's more powerful – and a better use of our time – to focus on the influence these generations can have together.

At Nestlé Purina, the boomers have the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge with the Gen-X's; the Gen-X's are able to mentor the Gen-Y's, and the Gen-Y's are learning to integrate a new-age and youthful mentality with a long history of traditional values. There's a unique exchange between the generations within our Purina family, and together we've carried the organization to stand as a leader within the pet care category.

By 2020, we are projecting that over 40% of the Purina workforce will be Gen-Y. But, whether you have 30 years of work experience behind you, or maybe just a mere three, try and picture yourself here at Purina.

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