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Supporting New Parents with Our Updated Parent Support Policy: Meet Sharron

Tell us about your career path at Nestlé Purina

I started here in 2013 as a Contract Recruiter on the Sales and Marketing team. At the end of 2014 I was presented with a full-time recruiter position. In 2017 I was promoted to a Sr. Recruiter. In 2020, I was Promoted to a Team Leader supporting our Corporate and Technology recruitment. Nestlé Purina has given me the space to develop and learn to curve my own path towards growth.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about/how do you spend your time?

I am the mother of two boys (6 and 3), so they are my passion and where I spend all of my time outside of work. They love to try new things, so you’ll often find us cooking, learning, and playing together. In my free time I also make my own organic body cream and oils. My sons and I have very sensitive skin, and through trial and error we learned that making our own organic body care was one of the few things that worked really well for us.

How has Nestlé Purina supported you as a parent?

Purina is flexible and willing to work with me and my schedule. When COVID-19 cases were rising and Stay-at-Home orders were being issued in our state, my managers and leaders across my department were very swift in sharing that if we needed to work flexible hours while at home they understood. We just had to tell them what support we needed. While this was very recent, we offer several other benefits to support parents. We recently increased our Parent Support Policy from 14 to 18 weeks (with the option to extend to 6 months). On campus, we have many mother’s lounges for nursing moms. When you do welcome your new baby, you are sent a coupon book that has really great discounts for baby’s first two years of development. All of these things tell me that I am supported as a mother.

How does the new policy impact your family?

I am grateful that I qualify for the new policy with my 3rd pregnancy. When I delivered my 2nd baby, I opted to take 5 months of leave followed by a phased return. With the increase in the leave, I’ll be able to stay with my little one for the full 6 months. This is so meaningful—especially with the uncertainty of COVID-19.

How does your immediate team support your time away from work?

I shared the news with my manager, co-team lead, and larger team. My manager had actually just returned after taking leave as a non-primary caregiver under our Parent Support Policy (which now offers 4 weeks to parents who are not designated as the primary caregiver). As we get closer to my leave, we will work together to tighten my leave plan. Everyone has been very supportive.


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