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Supporting New Parents with Our Updated Parent Support Policy: Meet Jaycie

Tell us about your career path at Nestlé Purina

I have worked here for a little over 2.5 years, starting as a Contract Recruiter, ultimately accepting a role as a full-time Recruiter. I support corporate openings at Nestlé Purina and Information Technology at Nestlé. At work, I have access to cutting edge tools in recruitment allowing me to be strategic in filling our open positions and bringing the best talent to the organization. I also have utilized ongoing training and education provided by the company to further develop my skills.

man and wife sitting on their with their dog and newborn baby

How has Nestlé Purina supported you as a parent?

Nestlé Purina supports me in many different ways. During my pregnancy, my manager allowed me plenty of time and flexibility to fit in all of my doctor appointments. The company sent me a personalized picture frame with my baby’s birth stats shortly after her arrival! After pregnancy, I am able to maintain great work-life balance. As a new mom, I was in some ways scared to return to work and leave my little one at home, but Nestlé Purina has made this a much easier transition by allowing me to have uninterrupted time with my daughter every day. I am able to adjust my schedule to work from home if she is sick or has an appointment. That has been extremely helpful as a parent. There are perks offered on campus, too, like the Mothers Lounge, and our campus store for discounted baby food and snacks.

What was the process like of working with HR to plan for leave?

My leave specialist walked me through my leave options, the paperwork, and when they would need it by. She was responsive and helpful along the way. She had everything organized so that once I had the baby, I notified her and didn’t have to worry about anything. I am thankful that it was a stress-free process

How has the Parent Support Policy and benefits impact your family?

In 2020, Nestlé increased paid leave from 14 to 18 weeks, which is going to allow me more time to bond with my 2nd child and adjust to life raising two. I am grateful to work for an organization that sees how critical this time is for both parent and baby. We also have the option to do a phased return to work. I did this with my first child. This was helpful in the adjustment of getting back into the work mindset and the new routine for both myself and my daughter.

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