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Recruiters Latch on to LinkedIn

77% of all job openings are posted on linkedin

While Facebook and Twitter have morphed into platforms proving to be almost as important as a résumé, LinkedIn should really be your 'right-hand man' when it comes to the job hunt. Boasting 200 million users from over 200 countries, this professional networking hub has situated itself as the preferred social space for Human Resources professionals and recruiters across a variety of industries.

73% of recruiters filled positions using social media in 2012

Everyone knows that a well-crafted résumé is the most important asset within the career search. That, coupled with an optimized LinkedIn page, can really speak volumes to a candidate's previous experience and future potential. According to MarketingProfs, a website compiling research by renowned marketing professors and professionals, 93 percent of recruiters turn to LinkedIn for candidate searching. And Nestlé Purina is no exception.

51% of LinkedIn users have fully completed profiles.

Many of Purina's positions have very specific qualifications, so our recruiters appreciate being able to customize their searches within LinkedIn to identify the best and brightest professionals. More often than not, the LinkedIn profiles we come across belong to professionals who may not necessarily be amidst the job search. But, having a strong and complete LinkedIn profile page has the potential to increase the chances of a professional or near/recent college graduate to get noticed by a company.

Unsure as to what a "strong and complete LinkedIn profile page" means? Here's what Purina's recruiters suggest:
  • LinkedIn users should briefly describe each position they've held and provide an understanding of core skills and experience gained within that role.
  • If someone has changed roles within the same organization, it is important to list the different titles held to showcase growth and movement within the company.
  • Completing the "Skills & Expertise" section of the profile provides for a stronger likelihood of appearing within LinkedIn search results.
  • When someone visually compares their own résumé to their LinkedIn profile, both should read the same. Organization names, position titles, dates of employment and duties/responsibilities should match up across both of these mediums.

Learn more about how LinkedIn is revolutionizing the recruiting world. To learn more about the open positions at Purina, be sure to spend some more time on our careers website, "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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