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Purina's Child Development Center

One of the many perks of being part of the Purina Family is that you can bring your family to work with you. Our Child Development Center ("The Center") - located just across the street from our St. Louis Headquarters -provides many of our associates' children with educational and social development. The Center is living proof of Nestlé Purina's commitment to enriching the lives of our families and children.

Beyond being a place that simply teaches the ABCs, it's a space for young children, from six weeks to six years old, to prepare for a successful transition into elementary school. Kids are exposed to Spanish, computer classes, gymnastics and swimming among a slew of other activities, such as off-site field trips.

Some of the benefits of associates utilizing The Child Development Center include a monthly 'Parents Night Out', an open-door policy for parents to visit any time during the day, the ability to walk across the street to have lunch with their kids, and the ease of attending school functions since many of them occur within The Tower Lobby at Purina.

"I cannot describe how important it is to have my son at reach," Carolina Correa, Assistant Manager Global Marketing said. "It not only gives me peace of mind, but it has allowed me to concentrate and work efficiently. The teachers are great - I don't see them as part of the day care; I see them as part of my family," she said.

With a work-life balance mentality at the forefront of our business model, we are proud to provide associates with many outside-of-work conveniences right here at our corporate office in St. Louis, MO. These conveniences allow us to build a business environment where our people can truly say they enjoy coming to work every single day.

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