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Purina Pet Tournament

To coincide with all the college basketball fun in March each year, we host a little tournament of our own to engage our associates and pet lovers. So, we take to social media in mid-March with a bracket that matches the tournament calendar and load it up with dog and cat photos submitted to us by our very own associates. We ask them to dress up their dog or cat in their alma mater gear (or favorite college basketball team) and we use third-party judges to help determine the 16 most creatively spirited pets.

How do pets move forward within the bracket?

For the first round, we post two pets' photos on our Purina Careers Facebook Page and give users 24 hours (between 9:00am and 9:00am the following day) to click the "like" button on the social post that is hosted on our page. Shares and comments, unfortunately, do not count, but we encourage as much sharing as possible to drive users back to our page to cast their vote.

"This campaign is an incredibly unique and creative way to be culturally relevant to the events going on outside of the pet care world," Jadea Abolahrari, Manager, Employment Brand said. "We enjoy being able to bring some light-hearted fun to the careers side of our business and we look forward to growing the tournament's engagement in the coming years."

What's the prize?

The winner of the Championship round, held the first week of April, will receive a Purina gift basket filled with treats and pet accessories, like a water bowl and leash among others. Below is a short list of past winners:

  • 2013: Gambit, from Texas A&M
  • 2014: Louie, from Mizzou

Tune into our Facebook page every March to vote and cheer on our competitors!



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