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Purina – More Than a Career; We're Family

Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen | Group Creative Director, CheckMark

As a new addition to Nestlé Purina, I was inspired in my New Associate Orientation (NAO) about the Company's commitment towards a greater goal.

The tireless pursuit to attract the best talent in the world and the commitment to "going above and beyond" because it's the right thing to do pulled at my heartstrings. My friends and family laugh and accuse me of "drinking the Kool-Aid" when I talk so passionately about the reasons it's such a privilege to be part of the Purina family.

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Aspire nobly, adventure daringly, and serve humbly.

This quote from William H. Danforth resonates with me because I find myself living my life under this principle. What does this quote mean to me? My interpretation is: not to take the things around you for granted. True, this is easier said than done.

Walking through the Pilot Plant in St. Louis, seeing the attention to detail the behavioral scientists have with their animals and later sharing an afternoon with Purina's very own Chef Amanda in our Culinary Center inspiring new culinary creations: These experiences left an impression. “Why is this company so bashful” I thought to myself?

Here we are, donating mind-blowing dollars every year towards shelters/pet adoption, and our commitment to sustainability and pet wellness is amazing. We might not put it on a billboard, but this pride is deeply ingrained in the people who work here, and it's visibly noticeable as I greet people on campus.

Having three girls (my two Huskies and a Lab/Border Collie mix), it makes me proud to be surrounded by such talented, warm-hearted and passionate people. It inspires me to be better. Life to me is a balance, and the way to leave a legacy in this world, in my estimation, is never losing sight of the relationships and memories you share with the people you call family.

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