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Our Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

As part of our unconditional commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, we have partnered with various organizations to enrich our involvement. With a focus on recruitment, partnership and sponsorship, our collaboration with these diverse organizations has enhanced our commitment to building a bigger footprint in the community.


Diversity Awareness Partnership Logo

The Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP):

This organization was founded to promote diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, physical capability, orientation and gender around the St. Louis region. Key initiatives include diversity training, an annual diversity summit, community forums and collaborations among much more.



INROADS' core mission is to partner underserved youth with corporations to prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Initiatives include learning summits, recruiting events and internship opportunities for college students.

National Sales Network Logo

National Sales Network (NSN):

The mission of the NSN is to meet the professional and developmental needs of sales and sales management professionals. The organization provides ongoing training and development for sales professionals and/or those individuals interested in sales, as well as serving as a resource center and providing a network for sales professionals.

Organization of Chinese Americans Logo

Asian Pacific American Advocates:

The OCA serves as a society of Asian Pacific Americans, which affirms the human rights of those persons. They offer mentorships, scholarships, internships and other robust opportunities.

St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative Logo

St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative:

The St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative aids companies in building diversity and inclusion programs through training and consultation. Programs include a diversity officers' network and leadership development.

Urban League Young Professionals Logo

Urban League Young Professionals:

The Urban League Young Professionals serve as an extension of the National Urban League. The goal is to attract young urban leaders and programs to include economic empowerment for the community, education, civil rights, civic engagement and financial management.

Starkloff Disability Institute Logo

Starkloff Disability Institute:

The Starkloff Disability Institute is dedicated to creating a world that welcomes all, despite one's disabilities, and creates independence for the disabled via employment.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Logo

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce strives to support and promote Hispanic small businesses. Events include the Adelante Awards, the Hispanic Speakers Series and an annual "Hispanic Day" in Jefferson City, MO.

"I believe we are on a journey that will take diversity and inclusion to the next level," Annette Morris, Director and Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Balance said. "Nestlé Purina is evolving in this area and our passion, skills and expertise will lead us to not just support diversity and inclusion, but to leverage it."

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