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Our Diverse and Inclusive Culture Makes Me Feel at Home

It didn’t take long after starting my career here to feel at home. This feeling comes from a variety of truths. The biggest is knowing I am growing each day in my work. Most recently, I split a portion of my time working in our Meeting & Travel group to also provide support Nestlé Purina’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Team—and it has been a tremendous learning and growing expedition ever since.

It’s hard to describe the reality of working on initiatives and programs that for many years I perceived I was not invited to attend. I learned quickly that my perceptions were more excuses than truths. Now being part of the D&I Team and having the opportunity to plan events like our annual programs to celebrate Hispanic Heritage, Black History, and Women’s History among others, I realized I am not only invited, but I’m needed. And so is the rest of our company. All hands in.

Like our Founder, Mr. William H. Danforth continues to remind us, when I took the time to “do some personal inventory,” I saw I had an important role in challenging my bias and the misperceptions of others, especially those of us who never imagined a D&I team as a place for us to actively be part of. Every type of person is welcome and needed to continue paving better paths to meaningful inclusion. Being inclusive of all will make the rest happen—agility, collaboration, innovation, leadership, and growth.

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"Wouldn't it be well for you to take about five minutes of undivided concentrated time for a little personal inventory?"

William H. Danforth Our Founder

I am grateful to have taken the five-minute inventory and realized the significance of this D&I work. It continues to open up a lot of opportunity for me, including a lifetime of new people, new knowledge, and horizons to conquer.

I am very proud to be part of the initiatives Nestlé Purina embarks upon to become so diverse and inclusive. We know how important it is to have a diverse mix of people behind our business, but we also know that’s not enough. It’s about how we make the mix work. So, know that if you choose the next step of your career to be here at Nestlé Purina, we will not only care about who you are and what you’re passionate about, but we’ll make you feel like you’re part of our pack. And we’ll challenge you to do the same for others. It’s part of our shared mission to Stand Taller.

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