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The Nestlé Family Launched Project Opportunity

Our consumer base is 50.8% female and 39.4% minorities.

As greater Nestlé continues to deeply evaluate the workforce and attempt to tackle the global unemployment crisis, we recognize now more than ever the need for talented maintenance, electrical technicians, information systems (IS) and controls personnel. As a global initiative, together we've launched Project Opportunity, which is a new career acceleration initiative to help people of all ages gain work experience and strengthen their professional development skills. This program is an unconditional commitment to training highly skilled workers through unique apprenticeship opportunities.

53% of millenials expect to leave their jobs in 3 years or less.

The project not only aims to grow the development program as a whole (from 41 to 200 participants by the end of 2016), but we hope it grows in conjunction with our college recruitment program, which places current students and recent graduates into various internship and management development (entry-level) positions within our Purina World Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and within select Midwestern factory locations.

"We believe we have a unique opportunity, and responsibility, to play an active part in the communities where we live and work," said Steve Degnan, Chief Human Resources Officer for Nestlé Purina PetCare North America. "Our apprenticeship and internship programs are designed so that individuals in the local community are better prepared for the workplace, while simultaneously developing the specific skills we need at Nestlé Purina."

To make it official, Project Opportunity took true form when Nestlé and Swiss Vice President Johann Schneider Amman announced the signing of a Joint Declaration of Intent with the U.S. Department of Labor, Commerce and Education in Washington D.C. This Declaration promotes vocational and professional education and training, career and technical education, and apprenticeship opportunities that we feel will make a larger impact.

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