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MEET: Shannon F.

Position Title: Marketing Intern

Andy H., Supply Chain Intern - This experience has given me many opportunities to challenge myself and to apply my studies to real-world problems.

Why did you join Nestlé Purina?

I knew Purina had a reputation of a best-in-class brand experience, but this really came through as I spoke with previous interns about their projects during my interview process. Interns are given projects that are extremely relevant to the brands and, as interns, have the opportunity to become the resident expert on these topics over the summer. The resources available to the interns are endless and the project allows for the development and honing of analytical, strategic and creative skills. It was clear that all employees at Purina are passionate about the company and love the brands they are on – even litter! I also wanted to intern some place that had a decent-sized intern class that I could be part of, which was the case at Purina.

What is your favorite part about working at Purina?

There are so many great aspects! To highlight a few of my favorites, I really appreciated the fact that interns are given real business issues as their projects. The projects are challenging, but allow for a lot of growth, learning and enjoyment in a short 12 weeks. Even as interns, we were given unlimited access to data, reports, contacts, etc. Everyone is more than happy to meet with you to discuss your project and to provide assistance however they can. This speaks to the phenomenal culture at Purina. One element in particular I noticed is that everyone, no matter what brand they are on, is so invested in that brand. Employees take pride in the brands they represent and all brands have an important place in the NPPC portfolio. Even marketers who have been on several brands look back fondly on all of their brand experience – they consider them all favorites for different reasons.

What skills have you gained or refined in your current position?

This experience has allowed me to gain and refine an infinite number of skills, specifically my analytical skills, pulling consumer insights out of data and leading the thought process regarding these insights, followed by framing a story around the findings.

Tell us about the best mentoring experience you'd thus far with us.

My manager has been a great mentor. She has so much experience with the company and industry, it's incredible. She has shared insight with me beyond just my project, which has been invaluable. She has given me guidance, but also allowed me to take initiative to find and explore resources and contacts beyond those currently being used by our team – it has been a really great balance.

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