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MEET: Michael S.

Position Title: Supply Chain Analyst – Customer Development Group (CDG)

Why did you join the Purina team?

Michael S., Supply Chain Analyst at Nestle Purina.

Growing up, everyone in my family always said to find a company that treats you well and one that you would want to work for your entire career. With Nestlé Purina, I think I have found just that. Nestlé Purina has professionals who are very good at what they do and they provide great mentoring opportunities. I feel that I have learned an exponential amount since I started here and I don't expect that to stop. In addition to the mentoring, I really feel that there is a family atmosphere here that is welcoming to both new and seasoned professionals. If you come willing to learn, you will find that it will be a great career opportunity. There is a reason why it's not all that uncommon to meet various people who have been at Purina for over 25 years.

What is your favorite part about working at Nestlé Purina?

I have to say my favorite part of working at Purina is the workplace environment. Walking into work and seeing furry friends accompanying their owners always brings a smile to my face. I bring my dog, Lola, to work almost every day. It definitely helps reduce stress, provides added enjoyment to the work day and allows you to have peace of mind that they aren't destroying something at home.

What advice would you give a new hire just beginning their career here?

Always be open to trying new things, especially the things that are outside of your comfort zone. Also, take the opportunity to talk to as many people as you can to try and better understand the Purina culture and how we operate. I have met many great people and gained a lot of career-changing experience through doing things that were outside of my comfort zone. I have found that, after talking to other employees along with some personal experiences of my own, the love and passion that is felt for our Purina checkerboard is contagious and continues to grow.

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