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MEET: Megan M.

Position Title: Order Revenue Management (ORM) Associate

How has the company helped you achieve your goals?

Meet Megan - ORM Associate

Beyond the opportunities I have encountered in the workplace, Purina's Education Reimbursement Program helped me achieve my MBA. It was something that I always wanted to do but it's not easy when you're working full time. Not only does the company help with the expenses, but also with flexibility. My team leader was very understanding and knew it was a priority for me. That support is invaluable.

What skills have you gained in your current role?

I have been able to experience such a variety of opportunities in this position. There are functional skills such as customer service, accounts receivable, inventory management, etc. However, there are also many committees and teams to join. I have been able to present project updates to the department, work with several committees and help plan events. All of these experiences have taught me something and given me confidence. The possibilities are endless if you seek them out. I like learning more than just what's on my desk!

What advice would you give a new hire just beginning their career?

Ask as many questions as possible! The best way to learn more is to simply ask the questions. Not only will it teach you more, but it can teach those around you as well. Asking questions can be a catalyst for change and challenge the status quo. It also shows an eagerness to learn and understand. This will differentiate you from other new hires.

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