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MEET: Karen S.

Position Title: Customer Supply Chain Manager – Customer Development Group (CDG)

Karen S., Customer Supply Chain Manager – Customer Development Group (CDG)

How has Purina helped you achieve your career goals?

Nestlé Purina focuses on their people and continuously develops their talent to foster a diverse, innovative and high performing culture. At Purina, the Leadership Team is focused on helping their people achieve career goals. Since I've joined the company three and a half years ago, I've had the opportunity to have three different and challenging roles. Every year, an associate determines goals to aide in their professional development and their Manager provides the support to help achieve those goals. There are several development courses and hands-on training offered to associates to enhance a skill set or gain specific experiences in order to be successful in your current role and prepare for future roles.

What was your area of study in school? If it's very different from your current role, what kind of career path did you take to get where you currently are?

I studied business and received a bachelor of Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management. The concepts I learned while in school prepared me to perform well in various supply chain roles. While in the Supply Chain Management Trainee program at Nestlé Purina, I had the opportunity to gain exposure to all areas of supply chain and determine which area I would like to further pursue based on my skill set, strengths and passion.

What specific skills have you gained in your current role?

As a Supply Chain Manager, I have enhanced my skill of problem solving and identifying solutions to improve internal and external processes. I have learned to effectively communicate to varying levels of audiences to help identify root causes and implement solutions quickly and effectively. Along with problem solving, this role challenges me to lead teams to achieve customer goals. Lastly, I've learned to effectively negotiate and successfully impact our customers to maximize the company's return on investment.

What advice would you give a new hire just starting their career?

The advice I would give to a new hire beginning their professional career would be to work hard and it will pay off in return. As challenges come your way, accept them with a positive attitude and view them as opportunities to excel. It's up to you to lead your career and take initiative!

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