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MEET: Jordan H.

Position Title: Senior Internal Auditor

Jordan - Senior Internal Auditor

What was your starting point at Purina and how did you end up in your current position?

I started at Purina as an Intern within the Nestlé Market Audit (NMA) group. Upon completion of my internship, I was offered a full-time position within that group and, after 20 months, received a promotion to a Senior Internal Auditor.

What has been the most interesting project you've had the opportunity to work on?

At the very beginning of my career, I was tasked with completing a full review of newly-acquired business. During the review, it really put into perspective how robust Nestlé's control requirements are and it proved to me that this organization operates at a world-class level.

Tell us about the best mentoring experience you've had here at Purina.

Our former Vice President had a very strong impact on both me and the culture of our entire department. He had the innate ability to build excellence out of his team, and he also had the influence to encourage others to expect excellence out of themselves. This time spent in my position was certainly a challenging one, but I continue to look back and think very highly of our efforts and performance. Those are the characteristics and experiences that I will take with me outside of the Audit department to help shape the remainder of my career around.

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