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MEET: Jeremy L.

Position Title: Senior Technology Specialist

What has been the most interesting project you've worked on?

Meet Jeremy - Assistant Manager | Information Systems

The most interesting project I've worked on so far was when I was tasked with creating another solution to using paper copies of Request for Shipment forms, or RFS's. It was the first big project, outside of the Management Trainee Report, that my supervisor explained the situation to me and asked if I would be willing to take the ball and run with it. I worked with many different departments at the plant, making sure that everyone's needs were met. Then I went searching for different ways to accomplish that goal. I even worked with members of another IS group at a different factory. Once the new system was put into place, I worked on setting up small training schedules for the users who would need to work with this daily. I walked them through the training, showing different ways to go about properly filling in the form and which buttons accomplished which actions. This system and process is still being used today.

Tell us about the best mentoring experience you've had while working at Purina.

I've had many different experiences of team members, managers, and other co-workers who have helped mentor me. I think some of the best experiences came from the questions I had at the beginning during my time as a trainee. The classes of trainees that started before me were very helpful in answering questions about the different processes. Growing up on a farm, I had been around machinery and equipment, but the manufacturing setting brought a whole new setup of equipment and a whole new perspective. My co-workers had recently gone through the same process that I had with the trainee program and they really opened up and helped create a warm atmosphere both inside and outside of the work environment. It helped with the process of starting the next chapter of my life. This is a result of the personalities of those people, but at the same time, a result of the company's personality. Purina truly wants their employees to succeed.

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