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MEET: Darren D.

Position Title: Director of Brand Insights – CMI (Consumer & Marketplace Insights)

Why did you join the Purina team?

Darren D. - Director of Brand Insights

Prior to joining Purina, I had the opportunity to work as an on-site contractor here at the HQ for one of Purina's research suppliers. This opportunity allowed me to see first-hand the strategic nature and unique culture of the organization – relative to other companies. The passion, drive and commitment of the organization to do what is best for pets and pet owners was inspiring. This passion coupled with the positive, inviting culture made me realize that I needed to become a part of this organization long term. Luckily, in February, 2004, I was able to join the company on a permanent basis. Since then, I have found Purina to be a first-rate organization, which is constantly challenging itself to do things better. I take pride in the fact that Purina does things the right way and has the consumer's best interest at heart.

What is your favorite part about working at Purina?

What separates this organization from the many others I worked with as a consultant is that this company truly values its people and takes pride in doing the right things for them. One specific example of this is Purina's work-life balance. I feel that other companies give lip-service to the idea of wanting employees to find appropriate work-life balance. This organization actually fosters it and provides you with clear, tangible ways to help you achieve it.

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