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MEET: Corey W.

Position Title: Audit Intern

Corey W., Audit Intern - Everyday I work on challenging, meaningful projects that full-time employees perform.

What is your major in school and how did you become attracted to Audit?

I'm an Accounting major and became attracted to Audit because it provides the chance to learn all aspects of a business. You will gain many transferrable skills that can help with future careers beyond working in Audit.

In your Audit internship, what are your main responsibilities?

I interact with employees daily to set up tests and ensure controls are implemented so the factory is working as efficiently as possible. I have been fortunate to travel three weeks at a time and have also had the opportunity to meet with individuals very high up within the organization.

What skills have you gained or refined within this role?

I've greatly improved my communication skills. I am constantly in meetings and effective communication is extremely important to get the answers I need. Coming into this internship, my goal was to grow as a professional and master my auditing skills. I have been given meaningful tasks and have been let on my own to learn on the job. I appreciate being able to always ask employees for guidance when needed.

What advice would you pass down to future Audit interns?

My advice would be to get involved and ask questions. The staff has so much knowledge about auditing and they're very open to helping you. A great way to learn is to simply engage in conversation with the people around you.

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