Living and Working in Maricopa, California

Just 40 miles northeast of Bakersfield, California, in a small town called Maricopa, is one of our more unique manufacturing facilities. Built in 1975, this factory was initially purchased by Edward Lowe Industries, only to be purchased later by Golden Cat Corporation. By 1995, the factory became ours, where we began packaging and automating cat litter. To date, our Maricopa facility features one of North America's most energy efficient industrial cogeneration systems and uses sunshine to dry clay during its mining operations. This greatly reduces the energy needs of industrial dryers.

Nestlé Purina in Maricopa is surrounded by a mere population of 1,000, but in close proximity to Bakersfield (population of over 360,000) and just two hours from everything else – the beach, the mountains and amusement parks. The city is located specifically in the very southwestern corner of the San Joaquin Valley on the first rise of land into the foothills of the Coast Ranges, with the Temblor Mountains, following the San Andreas Fault. With an average of 292 days of sunshine per year and less than six inches of rain, it's always sunny in this part of California.

Known as the "Gateway to the Sea", Maricopa came to life from an oil well that was unleashed from the 20-mile long Midway-Sunset Oil Field. This oil field remains the largest oil field in California and the third largest in the United States.

Our factory in Maricopa has become a powerhouse producer of Tidy Cats® cat litter since the '90's. We do it all amongst our team of over 200 associates – start-to-finish production, quality assurance, packing, handling, shipping and continuous improvement. We produce 132,000 tons of cat litter annually and, of that, we donate over $30,000 worth of product.

Here, take a virtual drive to our factory. Take a peek inside what your morning commute might be like – around the mountains!



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