Google Hangout With Internmatch To Learn About Purina Jobs

There are millions of searches in Google each month for job related keywords. This means we're officially in an era where job seekers are more likely to consult Google (versus a career fair) for internships and professional opportunities. Consequently, employers are ramping up the way in which they use technology and the virtual space to recruit, Purina included.

We partnered with InternMatch to organize a public Google Hangout to listen, learn, connect and ask questions to our Recruiting Team and to current associates within the roles in which we were promoting. We primarily focused on our internships and entry-level positions in the U.S., which offer us a busy College Recruitment season each fall. The Hangout elapsed in a Q&A format to deliver detailed information regarding the following disciplines:

Missed out on the live Hangout? View the video below for a full playback, or click on any of the links above to see a clip of specific areas that interest you most!

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