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Enabling Associates with Technology and Compassion

Pushing for Change

Nestlé Purina has pushed boundaries to advance the science of pets’ diet for over 125 years. Our associates have embraced technology in the workplace for decades, and the present is no exception. How do we seamlessly change during unprecedented times? Our associates explain how we stay agile in the new, virtual world.

Technology in the Driver’s Seat

Can large organizations operate as a primarily remote workforce? The answer is an overwhelmingly positive one.

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"Despite all in-person meetings being cancelled, we have been busy as ever. Because of the successful transition thus far, we will look to continue this type of engagement even after we can travel again."

Emily Director of Professional Resources Group

The evolution of technology led to a constant assessment of smarter performance with different assets, forcing us to rethink common ways of working. This method has proved successful for our Retail Experience team.

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"We are quick to launch, test, learn, and change both physical and digital assets and technology."

Steve Manager of Retail Experience

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The mindset of collaboration is essential with the proper attitude and dedication towards the new working environment. The significance of not only leveraging technology but also the team network is greater than ever before.

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“We haven’t missed a beat and technology allows us to stay connected, make decisions, and move forward quickly. It is important to keep the human connections during this new world through video calls. We are prioritizing the time to catch up on life outside of work as well.”

James James, Brand

What fuels our productive results, while prioritizing the safety and mental health of associates, is the continued compassion for all of our team members.

Compassion for Our People

Beyond the platforms that allow video and virtual meeting capabilities, are the associates that operate them. Without a team mentality that leads with empathy, the progress of productivity is lost in translation.

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“This time has required flexibility and adjustments for everyone—but supporting each other as people comes first. That way, even when we’re working apart, we’re working together.”

Courtney Brand Manager

Purina associate at home on a bike ride with her kids

Empathy and flexibility are critical for all team members, especially when adjusting in both big and small ways. Whether newly caring full-time for small children or requiring the shift in work schedule to accommodate new responsibilities at home, an understanding from the team can go a long way.

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“Our team is highly functioning and able to perform at the same level as before, but everyone is sensitive to what their colleagues are managing right now.”

Katie Sr. Manager Center of Excellence in Brand Management

The mentality of one team and one direction carries through every touch point of a project. Driving the business objective does not need to get lost when allowing associates more flexibility in their workday. The initiative of those associates to go far beyond just the expectation, in order to help ease someone else’s workload, is what Nestlé Purina stands for wholeheartedly. During this time, companies are tested to drive the industry forward through unknown boundaries. Technology adoption and compassion for associates is what will help propel companies like Nestlé Purina succeed for years to come.

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