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My Early Career Change that Led Me Here in IS/IT

Tell me about your career path to becoming a Consultant in application testing at Nestlé Purina.

I was hired into an entry-level position as part of the IS&S organization of IT with the understanding that I would need training and development in order to excel in my role. I had prior experience with e-commerce and technology as applied to business, which primed me for success.

As soon as I accepted the position, I began studying for ISTQB Certification and became a certified Foundation Level Software Tester within four months of my hire date.

What made you decide to join Purina? What did you do prior?

It was clear that Purina had a unique and wonderful culture that genuinely focused on employee health, happiness, and wellbeing. The dedication to employee development was also a huge plus for me.

Prior to starting at Purina, I operated an e-commerce-focused business, which sold specialty sewing supplies through several online outlets.

What makes working in STEM at Purina different from other companies?

I believe that Purina's dedication to employee development makes it a welcoming environment for STEM careers. Learning new skills is encouraged, and in an IT environment, this translates to learning and applying new technologies to a business context.

What are your primary responsibilities day-to-day?

My primary responsibility is to ensure the my function within our IS/IT organization is certified against the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Standard for Information Security. This involves leading teams through an annual risk assessment, collaborating with different functions to document and monitor risks and controls, and demonstrating adherence to the standard during annual audits.

What unique skills make someone successful in the position?

The position requires a keen attention to detail and a strategic mindset. Requirements can be ambiguous, or have many potential solutions. Therefore, one must decide on the best course of action and execute.

Tell us about the most exciting project you've completed at Purina.

Last year, I had the opportunity to take the lead on a project to create the first-ever Information Security Booth for our annual Winter Showcase event at our St. Louis Headquarters. I collaborated cross-functionally and was able to create a unique and interactive experience at the showcase event, which helped raise awareness of information security topics within the company.

Our Founder challenges us with the 'Dare to Stand Taller.' How do you Stand Taller?

I Stand Taller by doing things that scare me and challenging myself to grow and improve every day.

What advice would you tell someone considering applying for a role at Purina?

Go for it! Purina is a wonderful place to work and I have enjoyed my experience tremendously. Within the world of Nestlé, there are countless opportunities for growth and development, the sky is the limit.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

I am currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Business at Washington University. I consider business one of my passions, along with technology. Outside of work and school, I love making things and being creative.



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