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Product Engineering

Applying technology to impact operations

At Nestlé Purina, a true entrepreneurial spirit is exhibited and encouraged by senior management. Here, you'll have the freedom to explore new ideas and willingness throughout the department to hear them.

Whether you're interested in working at a Golden Products factory where litter is produced, or on the food production side of things, you'll be charged with a variety of tasks to keep you engaged. Tasks range from maximizing the benefit of company assets through highly developed preventative maintenance techniques, to providing technical and project management support to our factories and to the Product Supply management group. Most importantly, you'll manage and implement all aspects of the Capital program including conception, budget, design, installation, and commissioning.

Common Areas of Expertise

  • Capital Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Environmental Sustainment and Compliance
  • Energy Management
  • Systems and Controls
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Maintenance Management

Who We're Looking For

Individuals in this department commonly come to us with a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Engineering Management. Experience and a strong understanding of engineering principles and their application is a must. We hire candidates for our positions from all levels of experience, including new graduates to experienced professionals.

Growth and Development

Nestlé Purina empowers its associates to establish unique and individualized career paths based on qualifications and the company's needs, whether that be within Purina, or the broader Nestlé organization. Readily available resources and training opportunities create an atmosphere of constant growth and development where associates are challenged to broaden their skillsets and expertise, limiting the available opportunities only to each person's willingness to work and learn. We encourage you to explore the numerous professional opportunities available to further understand how you can develop a career with Nestlé Purina that you'll truly love.

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