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Hourly Maintenance and Factory Job Opportunities

Hourly Production Jobs

Creating the best product for the consumer

At Nestlé Purina, you'll have full control over operating the machines that produce our products.

Unloading, processing, and packing are the three primary roles that make up the Production team at Nestlé Purina. Each group is charged with responsibilities that are key to the production of our products and have unique roles depending on whether individuals work within a pet food factory or Golden Products factory producing litter. Some of your roles may include unloading, transferring, storing, documenting and inventorying ingredients, testing new products and innovations when introduced at the plant, ensuring the product is made accurately, and performing regular quality checks.

Who We're Looking For

Manufacturing experience is a requirement to work in the Production department. Also, a mechanical mindset or a background in continuous improvement efforts, Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, or quality are also great assets to have, but not a requirement. While safely making the product we sell, you will need the ability to make quick adjustments as conditions change.

Growth and Development

Nestlé Purina empowers its associates to establish unique and individualized career paths based on qualifications and the company's needs, whether that be within Purina, or the broader Nestlé organization. Readily available resources and training opportunities create an atmosphere of constant growth and development where associates are challenged to broaden their skillsets and expertise, limiting the available opportunities only to each person's willingness to work and learn. We encourage you to explore the numerous professional opportunities available to further understand how you can develop a career with Nestlé Purina that you'll truly love.

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