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Purina associates in a career development seminar.

Learning and development as an associate at Purina begins on your very first day on the job through our on-boarding process. Beyond your first few weeks of in-depth, comprehensive training within your respective functional area, our Organization Development team provides a variety of robust learning opportunities to assist our associates in every step of their overall career growth.

Checker Essential Courses Provide Foundational Learning

We offer new associates two important core courses that make up our Checker Essentials. These courses help provide the foundational learnings to drive a collaborative, engaging and innovative company. Associates are required to take the Checker Essentials courses within their first two years of employment at Purina.

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace – The goal of this course is to gain a deeper understanding of why diversity and inclusion is important to us and how we can effectively leverage inclusion to maximize our organization.
  • Skills For Innovation – This course helps associates understand and learn how to personally innovate and do so within a team environment.

Unlimited Resources

Aside from over 2,800 professional development and technical e-learning courses available online anytime anywhere, associates have access to over 6,000 online books and journals. We also have the Library and Information Services Center on the St. Louis campus, which has a team of information providers, whose purpose is to source and disseminate published research information in all formats. If our associates identify a need and a desire, we find a way to make it available.

"A unique program we started is our "Inspiration Speaker Series", which brings speakers to our campus who represent a variety of fields and interests and can introduce the organization's leaders and employees to new ideas, trends and approaches," Director of Organization Development, Melisa Baumann said. "As an example, we had a very unique opportunity to learn more about leadership from John Mozeliak, the Vice President and General Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Developing More Than Just Our Associates

Growing our associates also means growing our company. In 2012, The Danforth Center, on our St. Louis campus, was built to function primarily as a training and development center. This sustainable, five-story building houses meetings, events and various trainings for our associates from St. Louis and from across the globe. Often times, this space is occupied by inspirational speakers and various other influencers to help us re-think our strategies and re-work our processes.

Strengthening our people and our environment will ultimately strengthen our business. Interested in growing your career with us?

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